Welcome to the Brokaw Family Webpage!

This is the webpage for Jimmy, Andrea, and Eric Brokaw, currently living in Baltimore, MD.

Top News

  • Hedgie.com suffered a major casualty. It's slowly being restored; e-mail is back up, but you'll have to call me to get an account. The various websites are being slowly rebuilt. I'm trying for content first, then prettifying. My restoration to-do list.
  • Andy has a new book out! Of Fur And Ice has been released! Read more about it on HedgiePress

Our Websites

Please bear with me as these are slowly brought back on-line.

  • Jimmy's G+ Page
  • Andrea's G+ Page
  • Hedgie's Ski Tips is a website run by Jimmy with tricks and tips to help your skiing. Pending recreation
  • Andrea Brokaw,Online is Andrea's site about her writing. Pending recreation
  • Tales from Aurora is Andrea's site for her serial writing.
  • The Great E.B. is Eric's blog, rarely updated but interesting when it is.
  • HedgieMail will let you log into the mail server (if you have an account). If I haven't talked to you since the server died, you'll need to call me to get an account rebuilt.
  • HedgieRSS is our local RSS reader.
  • Running Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri on Linux - Not actively maintained, but kept in case someone wants it.
  • The Hedgehog Files - Everything you need to know about Jimmy's e-mail signature.